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How brands are betting on #chatbots as the future of consumer #engagement on social media

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Dollar Shave Club CMO reveals how the brand uses video to #engage and grow its loyal following


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54% of US and Canadian consumers consider ending their brand #loyalty if they receive irrelevant emails

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YouTube or TV?

How brands collaborate with retailers to get noticed and bought in stores

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How Does a Company

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Inspired #RioGames campaign for Canadian Tire by our friends at Cleansheet #StepUpStandTallMoments

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2016 Super Bowl Ad

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Q&A with Jesse Epstein of Incite

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"We've got your back" by @CultIdeas on @LinkedIn

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Social Media:

Is it Becoming a Chick Thing?

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Brands shouldn’t be focused on creating distance through aspiration, but on creating intimacy through understanding.

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Cult brands co-create: How leading brands partially delegate responsibility for creating brand experiences.


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The Gathering 2016

How has Tesla has inspired a passionate following of loyal customers by putting their interests ahead of its own.


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Gourmet McDonalds

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#OwenTheWild tests @wholesalesport True North rifle in this colourful, explosive #CanadaDay video!

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Can Advertising

Save Coors Light's Sales?

Study reveals some seriously sketchy #advertising practices across the spectrum of agency media entities.

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Turns out, having a noble mission

isn't just good for clients.

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